Strategy is not really a solo sport—even if you’re the CEO.
— Max McKeown


Marketing Communications | Content & Digital Strategy

Focus: Beauty, Retail, Luxury, and Tech with an emphasis on marketing to women

I work with brands to figure out what customers need and want from them, and then I position the brands’ stories in the most engaging way.  Even today, digital can feel like the Wild West, but it should be an extension of your brand experience. As simple as that may sound, many companies haven’t managed it.

Once your story is clear, I help people at various points on the customer journey find you.  The key to success is helping consumers fulfill their goals, which will ultimately help you reach yours. My experience working at a Big Data company allows me to problem-solve from both a creative and analytical perspective. I have particular experience with beauty, retail, luxury, and tech brands, but believe the important thing is knowing what your customers want and delivering that experience to them.

Here’s what I can do to improve your business: Data segmentation | SEO-oriented copy | Influencer marketing | Branded content & partnerships | Paid social ads | Programmatic ads | Analytics & Data | Email marketing | CRM

Some brands and agencies I've worked for: