I’d like to have money. And I’d like to be a good writer. These two can come together, and I hope they will, but if that’s too adorable, I’d rather have money.
— Dorothy Parker

Writing & Satire

I’ve secretly thought I had a shot at being a writer ever since my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Ann Leary, told me I’d be famous one day. Unfortunately, the fame thing hasn’t happened...yet.

After years of procrastination and self-doubt, I finally wrote a draft of a middle-grade fantasy novel, and found an agent, who told me that I was funny and should consider writing comedy. I drafted some short pieces and worked up the courage to submit. Guess what? Real publications ran my pieces!

I discovered that I especially love satire, because--to quote noted philosopher Cher Horowitz--it gives me “a sense of control in a world full of chaos.” I’m also working on a film script and a web series script.

Moral of the story: Do your best work and get it out the door.

I hope you enjoy some samples of my writing!